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My Collection

To prepare myself for the theatrical release I decided to read the literary masterpiece that is LOTR. I instantly became a fan and the movies only served to intensify that feeling.

As a result I have been slowly collecting my hoard of LOTR merch and I thought since I really enjoy seeing other collections I would share mine too. 

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The Hobbit Trilogy - Blu ray Edition
The Hobbit Trilogy - Blu ray Extended Ed.
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Extended Ed.
The Hobbit - Animated
The Lord of the Rings - Animated 
The Return of the King - Ani
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Vintage Travel Series
The Hobbit Trilogy - Vintage Travel Series
LOTR - Fellowship of the Ring - Widescreen
LOTR - The Two Towers - Widescreen
LOTR - The Return of the King - Widescreen 

    Books & Bookmarks

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Box set (4)- Ballantine Books - 1977
Box set (4)- Del Rey Mass Market Ed.
Box set (3)- Clarion Books - 2004
The Hobbit - Del Rey - 1982
The Silmarillion - Harper Collins - 1999
Unfinished Tales - Houghton Mifflin

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Potatoes bookmark - here
Library Slip bookmarks - here

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Life Story - Movie Magic - 2004
Entertainment Weekly - Dec. 2003
Blast!At the Movies - LOTR- 2004
Entertainment Weekly - May 2004
Newsweek - Dec. 2003
Hollywood Spotlight - LOTR - 20th                    Anniversary special - 2022
Special Newsweek Edition - LOTR-                                                     Jan 2022
Special Time Edition - LOTR - Nov.                                                           2021

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Find the mug Here

Find the Plaque Here 

Featuring Aragorn Candle

More to come soon! 

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